Wrapped Up in a Pretty Bow

When I first began looking at this sermon series, The Cycle of Grace, which is based on the study and book of Hudson and Haas, I looked intently at the four major elements of the Cycle itself.  But the more time went by in my preparation, the more I felt like this was an incredible present and if I wasn’t careful and intentional, I would end up presenting this beautiful Present wrapped up in last week’s Dallas Morning News. 

When we fail to completely, and intentionally wrap up a present, we give off two really negative vibes.  First, the present isn’t all that important (even if we do convince ourselves that it is the packaging but the present that counts).  Have you ever given a young child a beautiful present only to have them play with the box?  Or maybe you thought you would outsmart a one-year-old by giving them a box to play with as the present.  The only problem was, they played with the box you put the box into.  The packaging is important.  Secondly, by not wrapping the present properly, we are communicating to the recipient that they simply aren’t worth our time to give them something presentable.

So, this week, I want to invite you to come wrap up “The Cycle of Grace” with us.  For two very important reasons.  First, this is a life transforming way to live out our faith.  And secondly, you are that important. 

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