Words from the ROCK!

This week we begin a new series that will explore the words of Peter in his two letters (1 & 2 Peter).  As we begin with 1 Peter, this series could not come at a better time! 

This past weekend, I read an article concerning a town I lived in as a child.  The town is called Middletown, because it sits halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati (That would be Ohio for those keeping score).  This article talked about a new plague that has infested the “Rust Belt.”  As industry faded away, leaving giant skeletons looming over these abandoned towns, the people who used to work in these factories and their children who were guaranteed good employment, were left with nothing.  And in the midst of this hopelessness, have turned toward anything that will dull the pain they live in daily.  This has brought a rise in opiate use, especially Heroin and an astronomical rise in the numbers of overdoses.  It has gotten so bad that one town is considering limiting the use of Narcan (a drug used to save an OD patient) to 10 doses over a lifetime because it is breaking the budgets of these towns. 

As I read this article something kept hitting me like a brick… “Isn’t HOPE found in Christ?  What is the response of the Church?” 

Peter writes in first letter to give the people of Rome hope in the face of a hopeless situation.  I think this maybe the perfect time to explore HOPE! 

I can think of two reasons why you need to be a part of this series. 1.) You feel hopeless right now! 2.) You want to be the hope in the life of a hopeless person and want to learn from Peter. 

Either way, I won’t ask why, but join us for the series, “Words from the Rock!” and be encouraged as we find Hope together.

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