When Life Isn’t Fair

Our second Psalm in our series, Karaoke Summer, is Psalm 17.

Let me ask a question…  Whoever said life was fair? 

Yes, it may be a sad thought but life is full of injustice.  And we will not always be treated fairly because we worship God.  In fact, there was a Senate Confirmation Hearing held not too long ago where the candidate was grilled by a US Senator who tried to make a mockery of his faith and the fact that he had attended a conservative Christian college.  The point that the Senator was making was that a belief that Jesus is the only name under heaven from which a man may be saved.  He said that that statement is un-American. 

The question before us this morning is this:  How do we respond when we are not treated fairly? 

We can respond in one of two ways.  First, we can take care of the situation ourselves, or at least try to take care of the situation. And there are those who have attempted this approach… How did that work out for you?  I know I usually end up making the situation worse.

Then you could try giving it to God, let God be your justice and your redeemer. 

This week’s Psalm is David choosing the second path, giving it to God.  And he does as he writes and sings this song before the Lord.  Join us this Sunday as we take a look at David’s approach in this Psalm of individual lament.

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