Then & Now

I was recently asked a question that at first seemed rather silly.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that the core of the issue was BAD EXEGESIS.  That means that someone had handled the words of Scripture in a very loose fashion.  And that can bring about some teachings that are more than a little off center. 

We as believers are never in a vacuum.  Instead we are in a line of succession.  We come from an amazing tradition of near 2,000 years of believers.  Generation after generation of believers, one right after the other who have passed on the Gospel Message to the succeeding generation. 

The problem is that when we apply passages of Scripture to our current situation without first looking at it in the context of the original timeframe and then how it has been handled throughout the history of the Church, we may come to some conclusions that are far from original.  And that is where the question came from. 

This week, we are going to look at a Psalm that is definitely multi-dimensional.  That means it has a meaning in the time it was written and also is linked to a later time.  It is something we can call: Then & Now.  What was the original point and meaning and how does that effect how we read it today in a different context. 

Join us this Sunday as we explore the Ten & Now of Psalm 22

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