The Word of the Day

This week I am introducing a new addition to the weekly blog… The Word of the Day.  I already know that some have those very special word of the day calendars or you like watching the National Spelling Bee.  But this is an opportunity to stretch our collective vocabulary to include the very large theological words that could be described with a much simpler one.

Our Word of the Day is:



This $50 word means an attitude of seeking forgiveness.  To put it another way, it means to feel sorry for something that you have done.

Now why should we use the big word instead of a word like “sorry”?  My thought is that by saying ‘Penitential” we are acknowledging that being sorry for something is actually harder than just saying that your sorry. 

This Sunday as we continue our series, Karaoke Summer, we will be exploring Psalm 51.  This is the psalm that David wrote after Nathan called him on the carpet for his actions with Bathsheba and his actions against her husband.  And in this Psalm we learn that being penitential is more than just saying you are sorry. 

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