The Right Rx

In these days of healthcare debate, rising insurance premiums and Medicare and VA shenanigans, I want y’all to know, I like my doctor (I will give you his name privately for your own needs).  I know that seems odd to say, but before he was my Doctor, he was my friend, and an incredible Boy Scout leader and mentor to my oldest son. 

Anyway, I went for my 6 month visit due to hypertension issues (yes, I battle high blood pressure).  He took my BP personally and asked how I was feeling.  He asked all those doctor questions that he always asks.  Then he asked if I was doing ok on the medicines that he has me on.  All good. 

Apparently, the medicine I take (known as the Hypertension Cocktail) has some side effects.  But since I don’t have any all is well.  He said this mix of medications isn’t the latest and the greatest that Pharma has to offer, but if it is working (which it is) then it is the right Rx for me (BTW, I am no longer considered hypertensive)!

This Sunday, Leslie Loftin will be preaching on Psalm 57 in a sermon called Good Medicine.  Please don’t miss this message! I will see you on the 23rd for Psalm 84.  (There will be no E-Update next week)

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