The story goes something like this…

Years ago, a team trainer at the University of Florida noticed that their athletes, specifically the football players, were having trouble with hydration during the grueling outdoor practices.  He noticed certain things in particular.  They were losing a lot of water weight during the practices and games.  This sometimes resulted in the loss of multiple pounds during the activity.  He also noticed that the players extremities were prone to muscle cramps.  Upon further testing he noticed that after the activity, the players electrolytes were severely diminished.

So, this man decided to search for a solution.  The solution was a concoction that would hydrate the players and would replace the electrolytes that they lost thus preventing cramping.  And his endeavor was a startling success. 

Today, you can buy all types and flavors of this miracle cure in almost every store.  Gatorade was named for the University of Florida mascot, the Gator! 

While you might not (and probably aren’t) a highly recruited college athlete, that does not mean that you don’t need to recharge your batteries on a regular basis.  And in the Circle of Grace this is called “Sustenance.” The stuff that you ingest to replace what you lose in our daily activities. 

Looking at Jesus, we see a variety of ways that he kept himself for the spiritual “Cramps.”  But there is one element that we can often overlook that is as vital to our spiritual well-being as any other.  This form of sustenance in found in John 11.  Join us this Sunday as we look at our spiritual sustenance (Gatorade not provided).

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