Real Value

Last night I received a gift from a student.  She is an artistic type who is attempting to copy and sell her artwork (to go from starving college student to starving artist).  Last year, during a chapel, she painted a picture as the service moved along.  The gift was a copy of that piece of art.  As she gave it to me, she thanked me for the time and effort that I have poured into her as a mentor. 

Now if I would take that print to a local museum to have it appraised, they might say something like “it is worth what it cost to print but not a penny more.” But I would have to disagree.  I know the story of the artist.  Her struggles, failures and successes.  I know what God has been doing in her life as she grows in her faith.  So, the personal value is more like priceless. 

This week in our series, Words from the Rock, we will look at ourselves through a different lens.  Not the way we see ourselves, or the way the world my see us, but the way God sees us as believers, as followers of his One and Only Son.  That is where our real value lies. 

He doesn’t care if you or the world sees you as a success or a failure.  He sees you as his adopted child.  He knows what he is doing in your life to bring you a maturity in your faith.  And for that reason, in his eyes, you are priceless. 

Join us this Sunday for a message entitles “Because I am.”


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