Not MY President!

“NOT MY PRESIDENT,” now there is a phrase that we have heard spouted over the last twenty or so years.  It seems like whoever is elected to run our country has about half the country upset all the time. 

Over the past couple of decades, we have lived under the leadership of several presidents from both major political parties.  But there is one thing that they all have in common… they were indeed our presidents. 

Realize that this is not a political viewpoint… but a Biblical one.  What?  Yes, I said a Biblical one! 

Let’s go back in time… to the time when Peter wrote this letter (1 Peter).  Now you realize that is was illegal to be a Christian.  You realize that there was government approved and sponsored persecution of the church… Christians were dying for their faith in Jesus.  The times were indeed bleaker that anything we have experienced in our country. 

That leaves us with one very important question:

How did the ROCK instruct the believers to respond to the governmental authorities?

And as you can guess they did not chant: “Not My Caesar.”

Join us this Sunday as we look at the believer’s duty to government.

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