One of the buzz phrases these days is all about finding meaning in one’s life.  Searching for that perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect home, car and dog.  People are evening looking for the perfect church (BTW there isn’t a perfect church).  You see if we have everything perfect then our lives will be better than content… they will be happy!

Now here is the kicker… This is not new at all.  It is a modern version of an old Greek philosophy called Epicureanism.  It says that the meaning of life is happiness… do what you want and what feels good. 

Peter is about to stick a fork in that philosophy.  He is going to tell us the most elusive secret in the entire universe… The Meaning of Life! 

It maybe a little scary but it won’t have you acting like a 4-month-old Labrador Retriever… chasing your tail.  Instead, it promises to take you on an adventure… a life-long adventure that will not only provide meaning for your life, but you might even end up happy (most of the time).

Join us this Sunday for the Meaning of Life.


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