Karaoke Summer

It is amazing how we remember the words to songs.  Last night, after I got home from class, I sat down to unwind and flip some channels.  And I briefly caught a glimpse of something that made me stop at PBS.  They were airing a Journey concert recorded in Houston in 1981… and then it dawned on me… I was there.  As I watched Steve Perry sing the songs from Escape, I noticed the crowd singing along and realized that after all these years (you do the math), I still remembered the words to every song they sang.

Music is a great teaching tools. 

In the middle of your Bible you will find a book called Psalms.  And this book is actually the Hymnal of the Jewish People.  Probably formulated during the Babylonian captivity to help teach the people and remind the people of their story. 

This Summer, we are going to explore the teaching found within the Psalms (ok, just a few of them because a 150 week series will just not happen).  We begin this Sunday looking at the Psalm that Magnifies the God of Creation. 

I hope that you will join us for this series and might even catch yourself singing along from time to time. 

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