Here, Let Me Show You!

In the Old Testament, we find God’s covenant with Abraham.  God made a promise to make the Abraham into a great nation with descendants as numerous as grains of sand on a beach.  And then God gave Abraham the sign of the covenant relationship, circumcision.  Now, I’m not wanting to debate the whats and whys of this command, but to acknowledge that it was an observable sign of the covenant relationship. 

In the New Testament, we learn of God’s covenant with his church.  God has promised us salvation and a renewed relationship with him through the sacrifice of Jesus.

This week, we pose a question:

What is the observable sign of the covenant relationship.

You see for the Hebrews a man could show that he was indeed a child of Abraham in a visible way.  A kind of “Here, let me show you” kind of thing.  But what about the church.  What signifies us as believers to one another and, most importantly to those who are NOT believers? 

I recently show someone post on Facebook a picture of their baptism certificate (it was actually one that was signed by yours truly) as proof that he was in the club.  And that got me thinking… does documented proof of our baptism tell others what we believe and hold dear?  (Please, don’t think I am against baptism.  God commanded it and that is all I need) Or is there another way, another sign to the world that we are believers and have been transformed by the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

Join us this Sunday as we look for proof positive… as we can say, “Here, let me show you!”

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