Fear Not

Everyone is afraid of something.  Even the person who says they aren’t afraid of anything is… well lying… they are afraid of being real or authentic.  But the greatest thing about our fears is overcoming them! 

Years ago, I knew a person who was afraid to drive on an interstate… too much road and too many fast-moving cars… this person didn’t eve like to ride on the interstate.  Well, one day I was taking the youth group to a Rich Mullins concert and headed to city it was in… heading up the interstate.  And the person with the phobia was riding shot gun as I had forgotten about the fear.  The man started complaining that I was going the wrong way… I was lost… we couldn’t get there this way.  And no amount of assurance made a difference. 

When we arrived, the man was surprised of two things… we got to the concert is half the time it would have taken him and WE LIVED to see the concert. 

He had overcome his fear.

This Christmas season our sermon series is called FEAR NOT.  It is about overcoming our fears and finding Jesus.

I hope you won’t be afraid to join us.

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