Everyday Care

There is something about Human Nature that causes us to overlook the obvious.  And when someone points it out, we tend to reply with a remark something like: “Thanks Captain Obvious!” This is such a part of our nature that a commercial has a character called “Captain Obvious” who has become quite the star in his own right. 

But overlooking the obvious is not always the most effective way to go about life, especially a life of faith. 

Jon Doe is a fictional character (much like Captain Obvious).  He goes about his daily life wrapped up in his own world without any recognition of the daily blessings that he receives.  He is almost like a young child (spiritually speaking).  He has come to expect a level of care.  When he is wet, change his diaper. When he is hungry, feed him.  When he is sleepy, put him to bed.  He just has come to expect his daily needs to be met.

But then comes Psalm 23.  Now, I realize that this is the “Funeral Psalm.”  In fact, I use it at almost all committal services that I do.  But I’m not sure by leaving this Psalm in the realm of the funeral that we are getting the full effect of this Psalm of David. 

Instead, this is a Psalm of the Workplace and the Home Front.  Join us this Sunday enjoy Psalm 23 in the two contexts as we explore God’s Amazing Daily Care for us!

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