Being Full

Last night my family tried a new restaurant (yes, if you want to consider this an endorsement I am ok with that), Charlie’s in Rockwall.  They serve burgers and street tacos.  Since it was Tuesday (Taco Tuesday) we all tried the tacos.  Connie and I each ordered two and Matt ordered three…  They really were good.  As Matt ate his second taco (the brisket taco) he said that this is possibly the best taco he had ever eaten.  They were amazing.  The pulled pork with Pineapple and jalapeño was also amazing. 

Now the next time we want to go out for tacos we have a choice: Charlie’s or Taco Bell (not an endorsement of any kind).  Where will we go?  Should we choose the amazing or the awful? 

That is exactly the decision that Paul is asking the Colossians to make.  After you have sampled Christ, why do you even entertain anything else?  Especially some man made philosophical argument that places anything above Christ who is the very incarnation of God, who you are now in relationship with because of Jesus’ sacrifice. 

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

So, next time you want to explore Taco Tuesday, and I’ll meet you at Charlie’s.  And you will leave there comfortably full and well fed.  Why would you go from the perfect to the imperfect?  And remember nothing beats the fullness we have in Christ.

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