A Good Question

Most of us have been on some type of interview.  Maybe it was a job, a school or even a social type club.  But we have all sat in that chair and tried to get the people on the other side of the table to consider you for the position.  I was told early on, that when you are interviewing for a position, you also get to interview the interviewers.  That means we get to ask questions and get things clarified so we can better understand them.  One of the questions I find helpful is asking what the job description entails.  That means, beyond what is written on the page, what exactly are the expectations for the job.

As we enter into 1 Peter 2, we have a job description for the believer.  It gives us a rather interesting position which again reflects back to the OT Exodus Event.  We are called a Chosen People, Royal Priesthood, and a Holy Nation. 

My question is really simple: What does it mean that we are chosen, Holy and Royal?  What is the job description of the Priest?  What does God expect that we do?

Join us this Sunday as we explore The Job’s Expectations.”

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