Reality v. Expectations

I have spent some time thinking about expectations versus reality over the past couple weeks.  Some things have hit me harder than others.  I would like to share some of this with you in this post. Family has always been a big deal for Connie and me.  We have forgone big trips and vacations so that we could allow our… Read more →

Life in Perspective

I have been doing some reading that has led me to actually think about something that I never really took too much time thinking about…  In our world, what does it mean to be a citizen?  Whatever your country of origin or where you live…  Can you really have dual citizenship?  Now this maybe one of those times that you… Read more →

How Do I Love Thee

How Do I Love Thee… let me count the ways. If you are the romantic sort, then you probably recognize this as a Poem by Elizabeth Barret Browning.  In this poem, she is trying to let the object of her love know just how much she loves him and that love will continue long after her death.  Ahh… Romantic Love.… Read more →

Fear the Ordinary

This has been a refreshing summer!  First, in our 10 years here in Dallas, I have never seen this much rain in the summer months (I’m sure glad I don’t believe in jinxes).  To see green grass in my yard is a refreshing sight and to drive over a lake near capacity is not only beautiful but encouraging.  By this… Read more →

The Right Rx

In these days of healthcare debate, rising insurance premiums and Medicare and VA shenanigans, I want y’all to know, I like my doctor (I will give you his name privately for your own needs).  I know that seems odd to say, but before he was my Doctor, he was my friend, and an incredible Boy Scout leader and mentor to… Read more →

Everyday Care

There is something about Human Nature that causes us to overlook the obvious.  And when someone points it out, we tend to reply with a remark something like: “Thanks Captain Obvious!” This is such a part of our nature that a commercial has a character called “Captain Obvious” who has become quite the star in his own right.  But overlooking… Read more →

The Word of the Day

This week I am introducing a new addition to the weekly blog… The Word of the Day.  I already know that some have those very special word of the day calendars or you like watching the National Spelling Bee.  But this is an opportunity to stretch our collective vocabulary to include the very large theological words that could be described… Read more →

Then & Now

I was recently asked a question that at first seemed rather silly.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that the core of the issue was BAD EXEGESIS.  That means that someone had handled the words of Scripture in a very loose fashion.  And that can bring about some teachings that are more than a little… Read more →

When Life Isn’t Fair

Our second Psalm in our series, Karaoke Summer, is Psalm 17. Let me ask a question…  Whoever said life was fair?  Yes, it may be a sad thought but life is full of injustice.  And we will not always be treated fairly because we worship God.  In fact, there was a Senate Confirmation Hearing held not too long ago where… Read more →