Then & Now

I was recently asked a question that at first seemed rather silly.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that the core of the issue was BAD EXEGESIS.  That means that someone had handled the words of Scripture in a very loose fashion.  And that can bring about some teachings that are more than a little… Read more →

When Life Isn’t Fair

Our second Psalm in our series, Karaoke Summer, is Psalm 17. Let me ask a question…  Whoever said life was fair?  Yes, it may be a sad thought but life is full of injustice.  And we will not always be treated fairly because we worship God.  In fact, there was a Senate Confirmation Hearing held not too long ago where… Read more →

Karaoke Summer

It is amazing how we remember the words to songs.  Last night, after I got home from class, I sat down to unwind and flip some channels.  And I briefly caught a glimpse of something that made me stop at PBS.  They were airing a Journey concert recorded in Houston in 1981… and then it dawned on me… I was… Read more →

Really Alive

What does it mean to live life as if you really alive? Now that may seem like an odd question, but think about it for just a moment…  The commercials on TV tell us that to really enjoy life, to live life, we need to indulge in their product… usually to that line that borders on excess.  Corporate America will… Read more →

Church in the Park

This Sunday, May 28th, is our Annual Church in the Park!  We will be having our service (and following picnic) at the Ablon Park Pavilion in Garland (South of I-30) and a little more than a mile away from the church.  (Maps will be available at the church beginning at 9:30 am on Sunday). The service begins at 10 am… Read more →

Being Full

Last night my family tried a new restaurant (yes, if you want to consider this an endorsement I am ok with that), Charlie’s in Rockwall.  They serve burgers and street tacos.  Since it was Tuesday (Taco Tuesday) we all tried the tacos.  Connie and I each ordered two and Matt ordered three…  They really were good.  As Matt ate his… Read more →

The Supreme Ruler

Can I be brutally honest with you?  For just a moment? Well, here it goes… I am really sick and tired of all the negative political talk.  Both sides do it and it is rarely funny and most of the time it is offensive.  Now before you start calling me a Snowflake or a Buttercup, think about this for just… Read more →

More than Enough

Beginning this Sunday, we are starting a new sermon series called More Than Enough.  This will take us through the book of Colossians in five weeks.  Why more than enough?  This isn’t a get rich gospel approach.  In fact, it isn’t about money or finances what so ever.  But it is about Jesus!  You see people are always looking for… Read more →

Hot Button Issues

Maybe you have heard the saying: Never discuss Religion or Politics Those are known as hot button issues or topics that are almost guaranteed to get you into an argument.  But the inside the church there are also topics that can spark hard feelings.  I’m not really sure why… wait, yes, I am… It is all about our desire to… Read more →

A Big Thank You

Last week wore me out.  It wore me out in a good way.  From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, it seemed like just a blur.  But all that happened among the Lakeview Family couldn’t have happened without everyone going above and beyond.  First, I want to thank all those people who worked to make our Easter Service an amazing time… Read more →