Real Value

Last night I received a gift from a student.  She is an artistic type who is attempting to copy and sell her artwork (to go from starving college student to starving artist).  Last year, during a chapel, she painted a picture as the service moved along.  The gift was a copy of that piece of art.  As she gave it… Read more →

Words from the ROCK!

This week we begin a new series that will explore the words of Peter in his two letters (1 & 2 Peter).  As we begin with 1 Peter, this series could not come at a better time!  This past weekend, I read an article concerning a town I lived in as a child.  The town is called Middletown, because it… Read more →

Wrapped Up in a Pretty Bow

When I first began looking at this sermon series, The Cycle of Grace, which is based on the study and book of Hudson and Haas, I looked intently at the four major elements of the Cycle itself.  But the more time went by in my preparation, the more I felt like this was an incredible present and if I wasn’t… Read more →

Here, Let Me Show You!

In the Old Testament, we find God’s covenant with Abraham.  God made a promise to make the Abraham into a great nation with descendants as numerous as grains of sand on a beach.  And then God gave Abraham the sign of the covenant relationship, circumcision.  Now, I’m not wanting to debate the whats and whys of this command, but to… Read more →


Do you remember your dreams as a child?  Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Studies have shown that most people envision the life of a hero, living a life of significance.  Even today the top grossing movies are about heroes or Super Heroes.  That is why we like Batman, Superman, Ironman or Wonder Woman. … Read more →


The story goes something like this… Years ago, a team trainer at the University of Florida noticed that their athletes, specifically the football players, were having trouble with hydration during the grueling outdoor practices.  He noticed certain things in particular.  They were losing a lot of water weight during the practices and games.  This sometimes resulted in the loss of… Read more →

A Lesson in Grace

By now most of you know that in my family we love our dogs.  There is nothing as special as a wet nose or a tail that wags when we are seen. I think one of the reasons that I am a dog person is that they remind me so much of God.  After all dog is God spelled backwards… Read more →

A Labor of Love

This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend!  Traditionally, it marks the end of “summer” and the beginning of getting things back to normal.  Now there Is a word with a unique meaning… “NORMAL.”  Jesus looked out over Jerusalem (a normal city) and said, “the fields are white for harvest… send out the workers!” (My own paraphrase).  There was a lot… Read more →

Reality v. Expectations

I have spent some time thinking about expectations versus reality over the past couple weeks.  Some things have hit me harder than others.  I would like to share some of this with you in this post. Family has always been a big deal for Connie and me.  We have forgone big trips and vacations so that we could allow our… Read more →